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Hola! I’m Fiorella, author of Chica on the Road. In my blog, I write about my adventures while traveling and share travel tips. My goal is to inspire everyone to travel more (sustainable travel). You don’t have to be rich to travel the world; you just need a bit of planning, and saving, and most importantly, don’t waste money on superficial things.

Chica on the road is a bilingual (Spanish and English) travel blog created in 2015.

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Who is this blog for:

  • Worldwide travelers
  • Solo and couples travelers
  • Young travelers
  • Travel bloggers

According to Google Analytics:

  • Readers come mostly from Germany, United States, and Peru
  • Male 54.15 % Female 45.85 %
  • Aged 18 – 34
  • With interest in local culture, food, city travel, sports, and inspiration

I write about:

  • International travel
  • Local culture
  • What to eat and where
  • Travel and destination tips
  • Travel planning tips

How can we work together?


  • Local travel advice and insights for your travel itinerary (Zoom).
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy. I help you with your brand & digital strategy.
  • Training (Zoom). I teach you all the tactics and best practices that I’ve learned during my career.

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Partnership Opportunities

  • Display Ads (several formats)
  • Sponsored Posts (Ex. Hotels, airlines, accommodation, restaurants, etc)
  • Social Media Promotion. Let me promote your Product/Service on my social media channels

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I look forward to working with you!