Hiking & Trekking near Lima, Peru

These are travel memories that I won’t ever forget. This time, I remember the trips that I did while studying my bachelor’s degree. I joined the university’s climbing association and I was able to visit  “Palacala Waterfall” and “Rio Blanco” in Lima, Peru.
The Palacala Waterfall is located approximately 1-hour drive from Lima, in the village of San Jeronimo de Surco. From the village, you walk for almost 3 hours to get to the waterfall. The scenery is amazing and you feel very close to nature. This was the first time I went trekking and I loved it. The waterfall is only 12 meters height, so don’t get disappointed if it looks small. Nevertheless, the whole journey, the landscape and especially the waterfall, are worth it.

On another occasion, I went camping for the first time

Rio Blanco is about 5000 meters above sea level. Walking up the hill is difficult and requires a good physical condition. Therefore, in this route, we decided to stay overnight in order to rest. In addition, on the way to Rio Blanco, you find a set of Boulders where you can do rock climbing. Let’s say I’ve tried to climb, but of course in a safe way. The best advice that I can give from this experience is: never look down.

The next day we continued walking towards Rio Blanco. I remembered that the track was difficult because we were ascending the mountains and the road was rocky. Also, it was difficult to breathe because of the altitude.

We did it! we arrived at Rio Blanco!. The landscape was one of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen … I never felt so free. I will never forget this day 🙂

Here is a photo of the whole climbing group

 Have you ever hiked? Do you like hiking? Tell me more about your experience 🙂

Author: Fiorella

Fiorella is the author of Chica On The Road. She is a Peruvian girl, who loves to travel. She lived in Bolivia, Italy, Australia, United States, Canada, Germany, and Southeast Asia. She created this travel blog to inspire others to travel more and share travel tips. She is now learning Italian and still traveling.

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