Exploring Trujillo like a local

Marinera dance, Huanchaco, Chan chan … just Trujillo, accompanied by good friends our experience in Trujillo was unforgettable. It all started when a friends couple invited us to the famous Fiesta del Perol, one of the most important social events of Trujillo city, where everyone must wear white and the central theme is the Marinera Norteña (traditional dance).

Trujillo is located in coastal northwestern Peru and is the capital of La Libertad Region. We decided to go from Lima by bus because it was the cheapest option and despite the repeated comments that this was the most dangerous option, our adventurous spirit didn’t stop us. We chose a trujillean bus line which had no reference. Luckily, we were pretty satisfy with the service because the bus was new, it had comfortable seats, the terramozas were very friendly and the best thing of all, there was free Wi-Fi.



The “trujillanometro” a concept invented by our friend from Trujillo, is simply the path that every traveler should do when visiting Trujillo. It all starts with a delicious breakfast called “frito” (fried chicharrones) with local bread, fresh juice and coffee. Our friends took us to one of the most popular restaurants in the area and obviously the place was packed.
Then, we visited Plaza de Armas or Plaza Mayor of Trujillo, which took me to a trip back to my childhood, the Freedom Monument, where years ago I took a photo with my friends from kindergarden.


Plaza de Armas


Not only Trujillo is Huanchaco, Chan Chan and the Marinera dance, but also, its people are friendly, its food is unique and it has a beautiful tradition that its keep until these days. After a few days in Trujillo, you don’t want to leave. There are so many places to visit, so days will feel shorter.

 Chan Chan ruins


Huaca del Sol y la Luna






Author: Fiorella

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